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A Coffee Journey

I will always remember morning smell of coffee brewing in huge percolator during harvests, that's something I cannot forget since I am kid, however, at that time I could not drink coffee, taste was too strong and it was always too hot for my taste. So, after lunch time we

La Grande Motte

Today I've sorted out some pictures from last year vacations. Our friend Alexandre asked us if we wanted to stay one week in his flat in La Grande Motte and we obviously answered him yes; he found us cheap TGV tickets from Paris to Montpellier (20€ for each person). When

BBQ Season

In France, we usually do barbecue during summer, because it is warm enough to set the table outside (we don't do BBQ inside). This time we started to have barbecue late spring: I tried on my balcony with an electric device, it perfectly worked. However, the "traditional" way of having

Birthday (2021)

Time flies, time flies even faster since coronavirus outbreak started. It changed me a lot and my plans completely drifted. My grand dad (from my father side) was seriously concerned about something: Will we hold a huge celebration before his death? Or before he gets too old to enjoy eating

Trip to berlin (2021)

Last year I traveled to berlin for few days to visit my previous housemate, who became a really good friend, Jiyé and her boyfriend, Sangwook. 🚄When I first planned my trip I was sorting out the best options I got to reach my destination: Plane, car or train. Since I

Shooting in Mt Aimé

Our friend and my mother needed some decent pictures for a magazine that writes about wine in Champagne region. I went from Reims to Bergères Lès Vertus to take several pictures, I am not a professional but I like when are made the right way: I packed up all the


Ce matin, après quelques cafés, je me suis décidé à aller au centre ville afin de faire réparer ma montre. En sortant je n'ai pas prêté attention au temps maussade par la fenêtre, surpris par la pluie, j'ai du retourner en vitesse à l'intérieur chercher un parapluie. Une fois l'objet
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