In this document I will explore with you all the possibilities with have to be able to settle down in Uk or anywhere else. It is a summarize of what we already know and this may bring to us new solutions.

The focus will be on your side; there is not much to worry about from me, we will use this flexibility to let you have more opportunities. Additional reminder, you have a huge advantage: You come from the best school of Korea and you have a working experience in UK and Korea. Don't underestimate it.

Why it is important for us to settle down together as soon as we can ? We have many deadlines already but we don't know what the future will be made of. Politics and economy are unstable, we will miss good opportunities if we wait.

On another hand, our thirties is the best moment of our live to enjoy life: we can get serious diseases anytime. In my personal opinion: We should not waste this precious time far from each other.

This document will be in three parts, first the visa opportunities that will list everything in UK and France. Second part are the working opportunities you may have (non qualified and qualified). To conclude, a part with additional notes that is summarizing our current plan (more likely for now, what I have in mind).

Visa Opportunities

This part will list all the visa you are eligible to without regarding if it is hard or not to get it. Most of visa procedure in UK takes 3 months.

Right now, you are under the youth mobility visa program. We have to find a stable solution by April 2020. There is no extension allowed by this visa program and you can't convert this visa to another one, it means you may have to leave UK or Schengen area and come back to be allowed to apply for another visa.

UK - Exceptional Talent Visa (Tiers 1)

It provides a 5 years visa, it costs ₤456 + ₤152 and takes 3 month. The candidate should prove why he or she has an exceptional talent. There is multiple domains including Art, because you come from a good university, you did practice as teacher and PD and you can perform incredible painting.

UK - General work visa (Tier 2)

For this one we will refer to the next part but there is still information to be aware of: It is required to find a company that will be the sponsor for the visa. This company have to grant ₤25,000 annual salary. It costs to the applicant from ₤610 to ₤704.

UK - Permit to join EU or EEA family Member in the UK

This one seems like the safest option. This visa grant you a permanent visa in UK. How to be eligible? We need to get married or be in a civil union. There is no cost, it is free. If there is a brexit it will be possible to apply until 30 June 2021, in case of no-deal we will have until 31 December 2020.

The applicant should be technically outside UK to apply for family permit: South Korea or France.

FR - Student Visa

No need to explain much I guess. The requirements: to find a University or school (that provide French or English courses)

  • €2,770 per year at the license (bachelor) level
  • €3,770 per year at the master level

Work Opportunities

This part is dedicated to job opportunities to be able to picture what kind of company can grant a visa to a non-European citizen. Those jobs are only examples.

Operation Assistant

It is a game company based in London and Seoul. The Seoul branch employees are previous colleagues.

Art Production Director

UI Designer (junior)

Work In Progress: Current Plan (?)

What is our current plan? Our best shot is to get married and get you a "qualified" job.


I go back to France


This summer, during your vacation in France we will do a "Study Summer Camp" to make our portfolio and resume bigger and more interesting for companies. The more time you allocate in those vacation the more we will be able to produce.
We will research flats and companies.


  • I will move to a flat we found
  • I will start a job in London

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